Pancakes for Christmas

by Chase The Pancake

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released December 21, 2014




Chase The Pancake Chur, Switzerland

100 g Jason
1 piled TS of Leah
3 big Reto's
140 ml Leu
1 pinch of Miki

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Track Name: Chase the Pancake - Pancakes for Christmas
Days go by as the snow falls silent from the sky and I don't know what I am waiting for.
The wind carries me to another place meanwhile I'm lying here on the floor. (When will I find you? Are we too far gone?)
Christmas without you is so lonely so please, this time you need to come back home (Days turned to years since I left you and now I promise to come back home.)
I've been waiting here forever for the Christmas where we both can be together. (All the times I left you broken. I'm so sorry words been spoken. I've been running away from this too long now on my own.)
The wind carries me away just like a feather. (I know there's a way to you. This Christmas your dreams will come true.)
This Christmas will be so much better. (All I need to do is be right there for you.)

Oh! Straight through the snow. It's Christmas again and I'm coming back home. Never will I surrender forever. It's time to be together. Without you I can't call this a life, wandering around and living a strife. Too long have I been alone but this time I am coming back home.

There is a place you're going to. (I can't wait to raid the kitchen.)
I will make some pancakes just for you. (Please tell me this isn't fiction.)
But hurry now or they'll get cold. (I'm on my way, day and night.)
It will be snowing I've been told. (Soon I'll have you by my side.)
(Everyone just keep it steady.) Your favourite dish will soon be ready.
Go on and take my hand, close and open your eyes again.

You are the best of me. It really isn't that hard to see. It doesn't matter if Christmas goes away. The only thing I really need is you to stay.
I'm glad to be back home, when I take you in my arms, I know I've been gone too long. Gone too long.

All my life I've been waiting for this.
It isn't Christmas at all without you.
Take my hand and don't let go.
There is so much that I need you to know.

You are the best of me. (I'm glad to be back home.)
It really isn't that hard to see. (When I take you in my arms.)
It doesn't matter if Christmas goes away. (I know I've been gone too long.)
The only thing I really need is you to stay. (Gone too long.)

So please come home.
So please come home.
So please come home.
So please come home.
Track Name: Chase The Pancake feat. Claudio Caduff - R0N!N
The only thing that tears us two apart
Is when we take a challenge in a game of Mario Kart
You've been my brother as long as I can think
With you on my side my heart will never sink
I always got your back and surely you got mine
You are the best of me I tell you every single time
We both know, we're more than good friends
Forever we've been living on the same frequency
I will never let you down I promise you will see
You are so much more to me you are my family
With you by my side I know I'll always win
So everyone in here just pause and fucking sing.

I know what's in your head even when no words are said
We are one and not like others that's why I call you my brother
When everything is falling down I know that you'll be around
You're a part of me
And I'm a part of you

So when you're hanging on a noose
All the wrath of mine breaks loose
I will fucking make them pay
They will suffer everyday

If they drown you in a pool
I won't find that very cool
My blade will cut them like a storm
They'll wish they were never born

Stabbed by someone in the back
I will launch a counter attack
Tear the flesh from all their bones
They won't even run back home

You got me and I got you
And we still got 'lot to do
As Ronins we are masterless
But dedicated to our quest

No one ever backed us up and I don't give a single fuck
Carry on and let those cowards talk

The only thing I ever needed was just one and only hit
That would be enough to make them shit

I'm burning from the inside
With you I can always touch the sky
I would trade nothing for this
And we still got a lot to take off our list

All this time that we've been together
And everyday is just getting better
Living on the road as Ronins from the start
Until the fucking moment when death tears us apart

A lot to do
A lot to do
To do with you I chose to

A lot to do
A lot to do
To do with you I chose to

A lot to do
A lot to do
To do with you I chose to

A lot to do
A lot to do
To do with you I chose to

You're still here and I don't bother
On stage with me is my brother
Party up that's what I say
Not tomorrow but today